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    Sat Aug 08, 2015 1:16 am
    Message by UncannyValley - Re: Hi
    That's your real name? I thought you made it up.

    Next time you're going to disappear, at least email me and say goodbye. It's telling me I can't send an email address, but it's:

    lydiculous at gmail-dot-com

    Don't tell anyone but my real name is not UncannyValley. It's Lydia.
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    Sat Aug 08, 2015 1:11 am
    Message by Flora - Re: lurkies
    Admin wrote:
    yes it is a great place for that and all... check you PM usage mine is
    Your Inbox is 72% full

    and i'm not sure how to expand it lmao...

    something to work on tonite...

    thank you and have a great nite my main lady Admin...



    Really, I haven't laughed this much in awhile. Those play on words are something else. Very Happy

    Yeah mine is about 52% full. Going to delete some to make room I guess.

    Have a good sleep. We'll go to sleep with smiles on our faces thinking of the fun we had ha ha.

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    Sat Aug 08, 2015 1:01 am
    Message by Flora - Re: lurkies
    Admin wrote:
    sure, I know it will be naughty... you are such a bad bad girl...
    Twisted Evil Razz

    by the way this reminds me of my big hair daze, this is a local band I did background vocals and rhythm guitar for on this track, back when i still had a little talent..


    I'll listen to it tomorrow. My son is sleeping now so I'll hold onto it til later. I'm sure it's good! Speaking of which, I'm getting tired so I'll be getting off soon.

    It's been lots of fun. This is a good therapy. A place where you can go and have fun with us and forget all your troubles while you're here.

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    Sat Aug 08, 2015 12:51 am
    Message by Flora - Re: lurkies
    Admin wrote:
    well she's in Georgia, and that has been coming up all day.. but I just realized... guess who else is in Georgia???

    Che Rolling Eyes so it could be that instead...

    shame Jenni will let THAT bunch dictate her... well maybe she will come around after she sees the forum doin OK, and as far as loyalty, yeah MTF over MTG all day, but we are neither, we are a lounge for all turkers to come and enjoy, where we don't cater to if requesters are watching us, we got to have some break from all the turk crap... and not have to watch everything we say or post...

    I really am glad you accepted my offer to come here and be apart of this experiment/experience Very Happy

    That's true, either Che or Jenni. Too bad IP addresses don't show up for guests. Smile

    Well if you were anyone else, I wouldn't have registered just like I wouldn't at MTG or anywhere else for that matter. (actually I did join MTW but that was way before I was a MOD and sorta new at MTF. Staff found out and begged me not to leave MTF. I told him I don't plan on it and that I joined just to look around...and haven't been back since) But because it's you...I did...and also that it isn't another competitor otherwise that would be bad for me to be here especially as a MOD. So it's all good.

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    Sat Aug 08, 2015 12:39 am
    Message by Flora - Re: lurkies
    Admin wrote:

    also any words you would like me to alternate for ya... like hello could be I love cats
    or anything you like...

    Forgot to answer this one. That's funny. I can't think of any at the moment. Let me think about it for a day and I'll get back to you on that. Very Happy
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    Sat Aug 08, 2015 12:38 am
    Message by Flora - Re: lurkies
    Admin wrote:
    you can zoom in and see almost their destination, yeah sure it's her, and i think not sure but think Jenni was lurking earlier, don't know why, she is welcomed and i think she is one of the ones that likes or misses me Very Happy

    also any words you would like me to alternate for ya... like hello could be I love cats
    or anything you like...

    Yeah neat! I'm not sure where Jenni is from but I don't see her registering. That's the way she is. She does miss you and said so in the forum but to join the forum, I doubt she would. It's hard to explain as to why. When you have certain attachment to a forum, some people may be reluctant to register for fear of other people seeing them there. I could be wrong but I'm describing how I felt about MTG. I refuse to register there because I'm strongly dedicated to MTF and wouldn't want to be 'seen' at MTG. This was before I was MOD. Now that I'm a MOD, that's even more so. Could be the case with her. Who knows.

    Jenni is part of the clique so that could be another reason.

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    Sat Aug 08, 2015 12:25 am
    Message by Flora - Re: lurkies
    Admin wrote:http://turkerworld.board-directory.net/viewonline

    go and see where some of out lurkers are from... Smile

    Then that tells me it's Morrisa lurking as a guest. Not surprised.

    Neat map! Thanks for showing that to me.
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    Sat Aug 08, 2015 12:03 am
    Message by UncannyValley - Re: Hi
    Admin wrote:
    well you are deff not alone, my whole world has been collapsing around me for the last 3 years, bout lost everyone i luv, and just a whole mess of things...  

    but you don't ever hesitate to come here and talk to me about anything, and don't go without, if you need something whether it be gas for the car or food, or whatever, tell me/us and i will do what i can to help ya... I promise that... this is where i get so depressed that i'm not rich and could just help everyone in need that i know...

    you are a good soul and i like you a lot, so don't ever feel bad about asking me anything... Very Happy

    Same here. If you ever need anything, I'll do what I can to help. I lost my mom when I was a teen, so I learned early how hard it is to lose the people you love. I've been through all kinds of craziness other than that, and there isn't much I haven't heard, so don't hesitate if you ever want to share.

    I know the guy who always takes care of everyone else sometimes needs a hand, too.

    When we get rich, let's set up a scholarship fund for Turkers. Smile
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    Fri Aug 07, 2015 11:33 pm
    Message by UncannyValley - Re: Hi
    Admin wrote:
    yeah, but it helps to talk, and I got enough ears to listen to ya... Smile
    and anything you say stays between us, some MTF peeps can attest to that, I am the same and if i trust someone I will tell them what is going on and i know they will keep it between us...

    Oh, it wasn't anything big, just a bunch of little things. Dropped $300 bucks on my car inspection and they didn't even change the oil. The roof is leaking, half the outlets in my kitchen don't work for some reason...that kind of stuff. I have to work so much I don't have time for much else, and it gets lonesome sometimes.

    My family is all far away, and I don't really have anyone to complain to irl so I whine online. I'm actually doing way better than I was even a year ago. My problems are really just inconveniences.

    Thanks for lending an ear!
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    Fri Aug 07, 2015 11:31 pm
    Message by Flora - Re: SEXAY points
    Admin wrote:
    i WAS LOOKING INTO THAT, SO FAR IT WON'T LET ME SWITCH... and why am i shouting? Razz

    let's me go back again... by the way do you want to make Saturdaze thread??? Very Happy

    YOU ARE SHOUTING because you want to. Twisted Evil

    Nah not this time. You can go ahead. I'm about to have some cookies... flower



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